Calendar of activities in May


Cultural & natural heritage: 

  • Ruins of Empuries 
  • Anchovies and Salt Museum
  • Alfolí de la Salt (Museum & cultural center)
  • Anchovies factory.
  • Hisotical center
  • Las planasses (Natural landscape)

Festivals and events: 

  • St. Jordi - 23th April. 
  • Gintonic tour - July. 
  • Portalblau (Musical festival) - From 11th July to 9th Augost. 
  • Salt Festival - 21 de Septiembre.
  • Anchovy Festival - 6 de Octubre. 


From 1th july to 29th August,

  • Ball Lindy Hop in platja, every monday at 20h. 
  • tour of duna litoral d'Empúries, every monday from 18h to 20h.
  • Sardanes in "La platja", every wednesday at 21:30h 

From 1th july to 8th Septembre, 

  • Summer Experience in parc de les olors, Tuesday and Thursday at 19h.

Every wednesday of July and August,

  • Riba Market. 

Every Thursday of July and August,

  • Discomòbil in the Univers square, Riells. 

Thursday 4th, 

  • Cinema in the street - Los increible 2 - at 22h in the garden of CER. 

Friday 5th, 

  • Meeting of Salat fish in the Museum of anchovies and the salt  from 19h to 21h. 

Saturday 6th, 

  • Fashion show from 21:30h to 22:30h

Sunday 7th, 

  • Mini disco from 18h to 19h in Univers square. 

Monday 8th,

  • Cinema in "La Riba", A new star is born at  22h. 

Thursday 11th, 

  • Portalblau: Regufi with Marc Parrot in Alfol de la Salt 
  • Cinema in the street - SuperLopez - at 22h al CER. 

Fridat 12th, 

  • Portalblau: Meeting "Camins de silenci a la Mediterrania" in Alfolí  from 19h to 21h.

Saturday 13th, 

  • Conference of Tomas Alcoverro in Alfolí de la Sal from 19h to 21h. 
  • De dansa en dansa, calssic Concert in the church of St. Martí d'Empúries from 20h to 22h. 
  • 3ª Havaneres in Port d'en Perris. 
  • 68ª Festival of Mare de dèu del Carme. 

wednesday  17,  

  • Cinema in the street -Green Book- at 22h al CER. 
  • Portalblau: Clara Peya in the cycle of  Do Re Vi from 21:30h to 23h in Alfolí de la Sal.

 Saturday 20th, 

  • Portalblau: Performance of theatre in the street at 21h in "la Riba".
  • Portalblau: Young concert with Marcel Làzara and Júlia Rey.

Sunday 21th, 

  • Portalblau: Concert of Rusó Sala and Aleix Tobias. 
  • Guitarra Festival Costa Brava-Girona in Alfolí from 20h to 22h. 
  • Cinema in the street: Bohemian Rhapsody at 22h al CER. 

Friday 26th, 

  • Portalblau: Alfred Garcia in the Fòrum Romà. 

Saturday 27th, 

  • Portalblau: Paco Ibanyez " Cinquanta anys del concert a l'Olympia de Paris. 

Sunday 28th,

  • Portalblau: Pessic de Circ present Sidecar from 20:30h to 22h.