Calendar of activities in April


All about April month 

  • Roman visit, every Saturday and Sunday.  
  • Virtual Empúries, every Saturday.
  • Painting and drawing exposition by Guillem Terribas in Llibreria Vitel·la. 

Sunday 14 April

  • Tipical catalan dance " Sardanes" in "la Platja" from 20h to 21h.

Tuesday 16 April, 

  • Guided visit to the Museum of Anchovy and Salt from 11h to 13h. 
  • Workshop of Cork boasts Easter (Museum of Anchovy and Salt) from 17h to 18h.


Thursday 18 April

  • EskalaRock from  00:01 to 23:59 in Sala Polivalent. 
  • Easter in "Parc de les olors" from 11h to 16:30h, from 18/04 to 20/04. 
  • Workshop on archeology in "Les Ruïnes d'Empúries" from 11h to 12h.

Friday 19 April, 

  • Guided visit: Tour of the Old Quarter and Fishermen's House, from 17h to19h (Museum of Anchovy and Salt), from 19/04 to 23/04
  • Virtual Empúries from 11h to 19h, from 19/04 to 21/04.
  • Excursion to Medes Islands Natural Park from 19/04 to 21/04.
  • "Solitud 360", Exposition of the main work of Caterina Albert in "l'Alfolí de la Sal", from 19/04 to 21/04 
  • Living Via Crucis 2019 from 22h to 23h.

Saturday 20 April, 

  • Show cooking, Gastronomic experience with fish products from the l'Escala market  from 11:30h to13h in Maram. 
  • gastronomic experience with fish products from the L'Escala market
  • Festival Itaca: Concert of Zoo - Lágrimas de Sangre - SUU - Sessió Flaixbac with Carles Pérez in square of Francesc Macià, from 20:30h to 23h. 

Sunday 21 April, 

  • Cantada de Caramelles avec "el Cor Indika" in the square of l'esgésia from 12h to 14h. 
  • Workshop of Chocolate in Maram, de 10h a 11:30h. 
  • Classic Concert of Adolf Pla Piano (Concerts clàssics) from 19h to 21h. 

Monday 22 April, 

  • 40é Aplec of Santa Reparada of Cinc Claus de 13h a 18h. 


Tuesday 22 April, 

  • Diada de St. Jordi in "la Platja" from 9h to 21h. 

Saturday 27 April, 

  • VII Cala Poètica in  Mar d'en Manassa from 17h to 19h. 

Sunday 28 April, 

  • Animation film of Chico y Rita, in Llibreria Vitel·la from 18h to 20h.